Sugar Mama's Ice Cream - Real cream, real sugar, real good!
Our shop will be CLOSED Sat. 2/6 & Sun 2/7 - for our annual participation in the Chocolate Lover's Festival in Fairfax City. Come see us at the Taste of Chocolate. It's a great festival, check it out:

Thanks for visiting! and...Thank YOU for making us #1 in Fairfax (according to Yelp and Trip Advisor)

Located in Fairfax, VA, we're the only ones serving up delicious handmade ice cream. It's the old fashion scoop-able kind we all grew up on. No soft serve or frozen yogurt here! 

Local family owned and operated, we are open ALL YEAR LONG*! You don't shut down in the winter, why should we? Ice cream is yummy anytime or season. 

We also have a variety of candy - and we can take requests if there is a favorite you'd like us to find/offer. See our candy page. 

YES! We can do fundraisers. See our fundraising page for details. 

* Closed on MONDAYS (everyone needs at least one day off)

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